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Helping Improve Danville's Sleep Quality

Obstructive sleep apnea is a very common problem, affecting over 12 million Americans. It occurs when the airway becomes blocked by soft tissue from the rear of your throat. As you sleep, the airway collapses when it relaxes, causing an interruption of regular breathing patterns. Commonly, sufferers snore, feel restless, and are constantly tired as their quality of sleep is affected. Dr. Feliciano-Turner will treat sleep apnea with an oral appliance that fits over your teeth to move the jaw forward and keep the airway open and clear. We use customized oral appliances from TAP, Somnomed/Somnodent, EMA, Microair, and Oasys. Dr. Feliciano-Turner is happy to provide a consultation and find the correct treatment for you. Get the rest you deserve!

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Dr. Turner’s Passion for Treating Danville’s Sleep Apnea Started at Home.

In 2008, in hopes of giving her father an alternative to manage his sleep apnea, she researched and started her training in mandibular repositioning devices. In 2012, she completed continuing education in Dental Sleep Medicine. She has been helping her patients to successfully manage their apnea since.

If you feel that you are not getting the rest you need and are not sure what the issue may be, visit Dr. Turner at Blackhawk Dental Care. After a one-on-one conversation, there may be options for you to improve your overall well-being!

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