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Patient-Focused Oral Health Care

Confidence and Quality in Danville Dentistry


Blackhawk Dental Care

With Blackhawk Dental Care, we believe you’re getting the most advanced care possible. State-of-the-art dentistry goes beyond just new technology and the latest equipment. It’s combining those with a higher level of experience and skill, as demonstrated by Dr. Adams and Dr. Feliciano-Turner to help patients get the most out of their oral health. It’s about improving your life- not just your smile.

When Dr. Adams purchased an existing practice and took over the legacy of  Dr. Jeff Jarvis, he understood the current expectations of the community. He knew he had to continue to deliver quality dental care that exceeded the standard while reflecting the lifestyle of his patients. This meant establishing a dental office that provides patient-focused dentistry that revolves around the overall wellness of the patient.

Our community values education, and we aspire to provide the highest level of care we can through our continued training. Dr. Adams and Dr. Turner believe that continuing education provides a direct benefit to their patients, as they are committed to providing the Blackhawk community with the most advanced dentistry. This is why they have dedicated a significant amount of their time (both inside and outside of the office) to attending seminars and educational courses in order to be ahead of the curve when it comes to the latest and greatest treatment options for their patients. Dr. Adams and Dr. Turner invest in their patients’ future.

Dr. Brian Adams and Dr. Michelle Turner understand what makes their patients feel confident.


Blackhawk Dental Care

At Blackhawk Dental Care, Dr. Brian Adams and his team asked themselves the question “WHY?” WHY do their patients come to them? WHY are they focused on providing their patients with an amazing experience? Simply put, WHY does Blackhawk Dental Care do what they do? The answer is this: To inspire confidence and instill trust so that people can be empowered to reach their full potential. Dr. Adams and Dr. Feliciano-Turner believe that they have a responsibility to each patient that walks through their door. A responsibility to build a trusting relationship through the care they provide.

At Blackhawk Dental Care, you’ll discover more than just a beautiful looking smile.

You’ll find a restored confidence in the appearance and functionality of your smile. We’ll help you acquire the exact smile you’ve always wanted, so you can be proud to show it to the world.

Our skilled dentists and compassionate, friendly team of professionals revolutionize the way you’ve experienced dental care. Patient comfort is a top priority, and no matter what treatment you receive, you can rest assured that you’re in the hands of a team that will bring out your best. We’ll never make you feel pressured to have specific treatments, and we discuss all of your options with you. Taking an active approach to your oral health is important, and we respect your input.

You deserve to reap the benefits of great oral health and wellness, and we’re here to deliver. See how Blackhawk Dental Care can change the way you feel about your smile.

Talk, laugh, smile. And do it with confidence.