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Welcome to Blackhawk Dental Care: Celebrate Your Health

Improving your oral health starts at Blackhawk Dental Care. As a new patient, you’ll begin to experience the benefits of advanced, skilled dentistry from the moment you enter our office. And when you leave, you’ll have a newfound trust in a dental team that’s committed to your smile. That’s how we answer WHY you should visit us.

On your first visit, you’ll see the doctor first for an in-depth exam. We’ll take our time to get to know you, understand your goals, and evaluate your medical and dental history. Generally, your first visit takes about an hour and a half, as we take x-rays, discuss your treatment options, and learn about one another.

We’ll schedule a second visit with our hygienist, where you’ll receive a thorough, professional cleaning. This visit is just as important as the first, as you’ll leave with a sparkling, healthy smile. We’ll evaluate your current oral health routine and identify areas for improvement. Together, we’ll celebrate the success of a newly confident smile.

Fill out our new patient forms ahead of your appointment and save time!

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Comfort during your visit is one of our top priorities.

We have a variety of amenities to make your visit easier and more relaxing. We’re here to help you get the highest level of care without sacrificing comfort, so don’t hesitate to ask us for anything you may need.

We offer: Hot towels | Massage chairs | Blankets | Neck pillows | Knee pillows | Complimentary beverage cart | Scented air

Payment Options/Insurance

An investment in your oral health is a positive step towards an improved quality of life. When you make the choice to visit Blackhawk Dental Care, you’ll have a variety of options available to finance your care. We accept most other traditional insurance plans. Our team is happy to file your claims.

We also accept cash, major credit cards, and checks. We can finance in-house through Kleer.com, or offer third-part financing with CareCredit. Our senior patients can receive a 5% discount on all services.

Ask Us About our Patient Rewards Program. With membership in the Dental Concierge Club, receive bi-annual exams, xrays and cleaning at No Charge and up to 15% off most services. Memberships start at $99/year.

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