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Get The Best Value for Your Family’s Dental Care Dollars

It’s a proven fact — good oral health contributes to good overall health, but what if there were a way to get even more value out of your dental appointments? What if there were an easy-to-use pathway to 24/7 optimum oral health?

Welcome to the Dental Concierge® Club offered by Blackhawk Dental Care. By joining our program, you can make better choices about your health and at the same time, earn the best value for your healthcare dollar.

An enhanced, personalized approach to your dental health and well-being

Additional benefits, rewards exclusive only to our members

All patients have immediate eligibility — including family membership

No Waiting Periods, Preexisting Conditions, or Preauthorizations

Blackhawk Dental Care Offers Two Levels of Membership

The Dental Concierge Complimentary Premium Membership ($235 value)

If you have dental insurance, The Dental Concierge Club Premium Membership enhances your current coverage.


  • Immediate eligibility
  • Instant rewards upon enrollment
  • Instant rewards for answering fun healthcare quizzes
  • Seasonal special offerings
  • No-hassle Rewards redemptions
  • No waiting periods, Pre Existing Conditions, or Pre Authorizations

The Dental Concierge PREMIUM PLUS Membership

No dental insurance? We offer an optional enhancement to the complimentary Premium Membership; Premium Plus.

The Dental Concierge Club Premium Plus membership is specifically designed for our uninsured patients. For all new members, the program includes all Premium Membership

  • FREE dental exam
  • FREE necessary X-rays
  • FREE cleaning
  • 15% discount on any additional care
  • No yearly maximums
  • No deductibles, or claim forms

It’s a $975 value all for an annual fee of just $325.00. A reduced family membership is also available.


Enrollment is easy, with a low annual membership fee.

You will start saving right away, without annoying yearly maximums, deductibles, or claim forms to fill out.


(This is not an insurance plan and cannot be used in conjunction with your contracted fees of other insurance plans, offers, or used at other dental offices.

Have questions? Call our office at 925-736-3600 and we’ll be happy to tell you more about the program!

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